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Monday 29/12/2003


Everybody seems busy in town, preparing for the coming year. So am I but I'm tempted to loiter. When it's sunny and clear we can have a good view of mountains in the west of Tokyo. We're in a rare season. Although Mr. Fuji was in clouds, its vague shape was attractive. I climbed up to the 14th floor of an apratment for the glimpse of mountains. It was freezing cold up there! If you please, have a look at mountains viewd from a town in Tokyo. Today's update: "Mountains in a Winter Day" in "Margine" . "Still Life" is also updated.

Wednesday 24/12/2003

街中が今夜だけの「メリークリスマス」。豪華なイルミネーションにあてられながら道を急ぐ。メールボックスに届くe-cardはグルジア共和国在住の友人夫妻から。「よいホリディシーズンを」と簡潔に。宗教・信条の違いを問わずあたたかい気持ちを共有できる季節の到来。本日の更新その1は、サイトの入り口に小さなリースをかけました。佳き安らぎの時が訪れますように。みなさまどうぞ心楽しい時をお過ごしください。 ついで、本年最後の「翻訳読書ノート 8」は翻訳版万葉集について書きました。かねてより注目のリービ英雄訳。いつもとは逆さまに日本語から英語への転換。これから長く追っていきたい書き手です。ところでいつの間にやらアクセスカウンターが30,000を超えました。遅ればせながらご訪問に心より御礼申し上げます。電脳蜘蛛の巣城に感謝しつつ。

Everywhere in town, we find gorgeous illumination for Christmas. I received an e-card from my friends in Georgia, saying "May your holidays be happy and bright." With no reference to particular religions, people all over the world try to share the festive season. I've put a small wreath on the cover page, wishing you peaceful days. Today's update: a short review (sorry, in Japanese only!) of Man'yo Luster by Ian Hideo Levy. A voluminous and graphic anthology, precious for both English and Japanese readers. I've been eager to read Levy for a long time. Last of all but not the least, I would like to thank you for your visit again; the access counter shows there have been more than 30,000 visitors to this site so far. Great! Thanks also to WWW.

Saturday 20/12/2003


I've been away from writing essays for a while. Today's upload is an essay on my visit to Kikuzaka. I wrote it originally for a booklet issued from my workplace. While walking, I'm always full of wonder which seems to be looking for a way out. Photos are certainly powerful very often; yet, I want words for my innermost cries. A corner of slowly increasing (hopefully) pages starts: Words in Walking.(Sorry, Japanese only at this moment.) Winter is thrilling. When the air is cold and clean, we can have a glimpse at mountains in the far end of Kanto Plain. A few days ago, I saw a very clear silhouette of Mt. Fuji against the evening glow. Just breathtaking.

Wednesday 17/12/2003


Oh, look at the stars in the night sky! Today's update: a slight change in the table of contents on the top page. Three entires are united to one, Words in the Wind. Sorry, Japanese only. I'm in the busiest week and still arranging my website for fun to relax and be myself. What a life!

Wednesday 10/12/2003


I saw an ice-cold full moon so beautiful on my way home. Today's update: the photo of our wreath with a slight change. Do you see what? An ornament from Denmark, a porcellaneous ball of Royal Copenhargen is added. Oh, it's cold, isn't it?

Saturday 6/12/2003


It's my birthday. Thanks for your kindest message, dear friends! My family gave me the most luxurious present for me: the pleasure of taking a nap. I feel I was born anew. I'll watch it, write about it and live in it. Today's update: the photo of this page, a Christmas wreath presented by an old friend of mine (many thanks to Junko!); and a gallery naked "Margine" in which I put independent photo pages I made while writing the latest notes. I hang a drawing of "ao" in the small gallery. She let me have a glance at her "latest excercise in progress" which she brought back from the atelier to show me as her birthday present.

Wednesday 3/12/2003


It's December now. News from overseas strike us: two Japanese diplomats were killed in Iraq. 2003 will be long memorized as a year of the war. I'm afraid more astonishing news will follow by the end of the year. Words can tell so little. I'm conscious of the poverty of my thoughts and expressions. How could I tell what I really think and feel? I sincerely hope I won't be judged by my short term behaviours; neither will I do that to others, never. Hope is always with us. Let us just believe and cherish it. Hope makes the world full of possiblities. December is the time when we meditate. I was born in December 51 years ago. I will go around to meet me again. Today's update: the photo of the top pate, a pond reflecting the last ray of light in a wintery day. (Sanshiro-Ike in the campus of the University of Tokyo, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, TOKYO.)

Wednesday 26/11/2003


One of the ideal ways of living might be, for many, to work outdoors in sunny days and to read indoors in rain. Reading might as well be "thinking, writing, and doing whatever is the most suitable to one's own sense of value." At the end of autumn or the beginning of winter, the weather changes every day. After walking in rain yesterday, I seem to have caught cold. I wish I could stay home reading and writing as much as I want caughing. But in fact, as you know, life is demanding in many ways. Today's update is a very short essay on a translated book. I was fascinated with the large volumes for weeks. Thanks for having a look at "Marie's Passion."

Sunday 23/11/2003

年の瀬に向かって日毎に時の経つのが早まるような気がする。振り返るには早すぎるけれど。たまに立ち止まって空を仰げば(東京の空でさえ)この頃は澄み渡ってピンと張りつめている。「何て素晴らしい世界」とルイ・アームストロングの歌が胸をよぎる。桜は紅葉し二度目の美装を見せている。直に銀杏も黄金色に燃え上がるだろう。たいていは不如意なことばかりの世界で、うつくしいものは気持ちを引き立ててくれる。ちょっとしたいいことからエネルギーを貰うと再び歩き始められる。本日の更新は「樋口一葉の面影 霜月の町 本郷菊坂路地めぐり 3」です。「東京散歩」の目次筆頭からどうぞ。11月23日は一葉忌。1896年の今日、作家は肺結核で24歳の生涯を閉じた。

To the end of the year, time seems to past faster and faster day by day. I know it's too early to look back. Only once in a while, I stop to look up. When it's sunny, the sky (even in Tokyo!) is clear and keen in Novemeber. What a wonderful world, I think to myself (as the famous song of Louis Armstrong says). Now the leaves of cherry trees have turned red and yellow to demonstrait thier second beautiful costume. Soon ginko trees will be in golden flames. Beautiful things make me feel good in spite of the fact that most of the things in the world won't work as we wish. I get the energy from the small good things and start walking again. Today's update is "Relics of Higuchi Ichiyou, Kikuzaka, Hongo 3" in Tokyo Walking. November 23 is when she died of TB of lungs at the age of 24 in 1896.

Thursday 20/11/2003


Only flowers for you today. Chrysanthemums.

Tuesday 11/11/2003


Today's update: the photo of this page above. We're in the beautiful season of chrysanthemums. Does Novemeber belong to autumn or to winter? Both. I do love it.

Friday 7/11/2003


I celebrated my mother's birthday (one week later) with my sisters. All of us gathered together in Kusunoki-tei in Hongo. After lunch we strolled in Hongo back alleys. Kikuzaka is now decolated with chrysanthemums of various colors. Houshin-ji temple is colorful with the flowers too. November 23 is Higuchi Ichiyou's memorial day. There will be a special ceremony in honor of the author there. In the local museum a special exhibition of Ichiyou is being held now. November in Hongo is delightful with Ichiyo. Today's update: an entry into Waterside is now at the head of the contents of Poems.

Wednesday 5/11/2003

他の人々と共に市内の児童福祉施設を訪問した。ここは東京都の自立支援施設で、困難な状況・問題を抱えた少年少女が、穏やかな環境の中で育つよう設置された場所だ。30万坪を超える広大な地所には森、畑、運動場、宿舎、校舎などが点在している。十代の子どもたちは職員と寝食を共にしながら、失われた家族との絆、社会との絆、そして自分自身との絆を取り戻すための暮らしをする。広々した運動場の傍らを歩いていると、少年が犬と一緒に駆け抜けていった。彼は数ヶ月前家庭を失った後、犬と共にここに来た。誰も少年と犬を引き離すことはできなかった。降りかかる枯葉の中で、私は痛ましさよりむしろ暖かな思いに満たされた。走れ、一緒に走れ。本日の更新は水辺 10です。ひとまず感傷に終止符を。

With other members I visited a child welfare facility in our city. It is an institute of Tokyo designed to help young people with various problems grow up in peaceful conditions. In an estate as large as 94,303 square meters with forests, fields, grounds, dormitories, school buildings etc., teen age boys and girls live together and spend years until they regain the ties with their family, society and themselves. While we were walking in the huge ground, a boy passed running with a dog. He came here a few months ago with his dog after losing all his family. Nobody could separate them. In the falling leaves, happiness rather than painfulness filled my heart. Run, boy, run with your dog! Today's update: Waterside 10, a final sentiment.

Tuesday 4/11/2003

冷え込んできた。火曜日というと私は向丘、もしくは本郷追分けへ授業に出かける。行き方いろいろ。今日は地下鉄丸ノ内線「後楽園」駅下車、春日通り・白山通り交差点から菊坂へ上がり、細路地を抜けて本郷通りへ。徒歩約三十分。ほどよい運動。途中「フルーツパーラー万定」でカレーライスの昼食。(古めかしいカレーの味と大盛りのライスが相まって満腹以上のお昼となりました。)そこの名高いキャッシュレジスターは1934年以来使用され続けている時代もので、銭の桁が出る。(現在はそれを円の下二桁としているとか。)「懐古的本郷」の象徴の一つに違いない。エネルギーを充填したものだから、教室ではとっても大きな声でしゃべり続けて、ごめんなさい学生さんたち。本日の更新は水辺 9です。これも昼時の風景。

It's getting chilly. On Tuesday I go to Mukogaoka, or Hogo-oiwake for teaching. I have seveal ways to take. Today I got off at Korakuen Station of Marunouchi Subsway Line and started walking from Kasuga-dori/Hakusan-dori junction up to Kiku-zaka and to Hongo-dori Avenue. It was a half an hour walk. (A good excercise.) On my way, I dropped in a diner named Mansada Fruits Parlorto eat a dish of curry and rice. (It was really a big lunch for me with its oldfashioned taste of curry!) Their famous cash register has been used since 1934. One of the symbols of "Hongo Retrospective." Charged with energy, I talked in a full loud voice in class. (Sorry, students!) Today's update: Waterside 9, a scene of lounch time.

Monday 3/11/2003

短信を書きながら言葉に詰まる。私の書いた言葉は誰かの元に届くのだろうか、それとも送り出したとたんに消えるのだろうか。どうも後者が当たっているような気がする。ウェッブ上の言葉は落ち葉に似ている。風が吹いて全てを巻き上げ、どことも知れぬ所へ飛ばしてしまう。では何故書くのだろう。甲斐もないのに。ハムレットが言うように、後には沈黙が残るだけ。まあ気楽に考えるなら、風の便りが私の好み。もしどこかで飛び去る言葉を見かけたら、笑って見送ってやって下さい。ご訪問どうもありがとうございます。さて、本日の更新は水辺 8です。スケッチ一枚。

While trying to write the note, I stumble over my words. I wonder if my words ever reach anybody or they are sent out for nothing. The latter seems to be more realistic. Words on the web is nothing but falling leaves. Wind comes and goes whirling them up all to bring nowhere. Then what the use of writing? No use. Just with a momentary urge for expression I type. The rest is silence, as Hamlet says. Oh, just take it easy. I like words in the wind. If you happen to find any of them passing by, please smile to them. That would be very kind of you. I grately appreciate your visit; thank you! Today's update: Waterside 8, a sketch.

Sunday 2/11/2003

道の真ん中にカマキリがいた。辺りをうかがっているようだった。緑色の体は間もなく枯葉色になるのだろう。それまで彼はせっせと生き物の営みを続ける。私はゆっくり雑木林の中に歩いていった。本日の更新は水辺 7です。今少しこれを続けます。

A mantis was motionless in the middle of a lane. It was quietly looking around. Its green coat will change into the color of dead leaves soon. Until then it will go on its way of a living creature. I walked slowly into a small brush. Today's update: I continue Waterside 7. Insects, trees, and water invite me always.

Saturday 1/11/2003


Here we are in November. The rest of autumn and the beginning of winter. It seems to me winter is the longest season in a year. Time to wait and endure (no matter what it is). A good season for reading, writing, and walking too. Today's update: the layout of the cover page and the photo; a part of the roof belonging to the old estate of Iwasaki Family in Bunkyo, now a cultural property of Tokyo. The sky in November is particularly blue.

Tuesday 28/10/2003

「女は変わった/男はどうだ」という『日本経済新聞』の宣伝文句を駅や車内でよく見かける。「ホント〜?」と聞きたくなる。ニンゲンはそう簡単に変われない(でしょう)。変わるからいいものと変わらなくていいものもある。ヒトの一生なんてどう頑張ってもせいぜい100年。そうコロコロ変われるものかいな。いいの、いいの、このままでいいのって、ちっとも成長しない自分を甘やかしているか。(^^; 本日の更新は水辺 6です。相も変わらず...。

The latest catch line of Nihon Keizai Shinbun says "Women have changed/ How about men?" Whenever I read it in railway stations and inside trains, I feel like asking, "Really?" (I guess) human beings are unable to change so quickly. We can live for 100 years at the longest. I wonder if anything about human beings can change in a century. Maybe I am very self-indulgent.:-) Today's update: Waterside 6 as usual.

Sunday 26/10/2003

学生は変わった。大学も。所属学部のささやかな文化祭へ行く。「エンジョイ!」というのが彼らのメッセージ。楽しめるときに楽しむのはよい。何十年も前の学生と比べることはない。ただ若者の発散する至純なエネルギーを享受したい。思い出したくなったらそれなりの覚悟で記憶回路を辿ろう。きっと自身が体現していた純粋さにめぐり会う。(私はしばしば時間旅行をして喜んだり悲しんだりしている。)さて、本日の更新は水辺 5です。

Students have changed. So have universities. I went to a humble cultural festival of students in the department I work for. "Enjoy!" is their message. Good to enjoy while you can. Never compare students decades ago and prsent. Let us just appreciate pure energy of young people. When you want to remember, go into the memory with sincere deciciveness. I'm sure you'll meet yourself with the purity you embodied. (I'm going back and forth many times with happiness and sadness.) Anyway, today's update: Waterside 5.

Saturday 25/10/2003

暦、腕時計、掛け時計、腹時計、どれが一番正確に時を告げる?あぁ、もしかすると燃える夕焼け空がこの季節を何より証明する。日に日に空気は冷えていく。時よ過ぎゆけ。本日の更新はもう一ページ、写真と数行の、水辺 4を追加です。但し、表題に反してどこにも水は見えません。(本当はあるのだけれど....。)

A calendar, a watch, a clock, or hunger; which tells time most correctly? Perhaps the burning sunset proves the present season. The air is cooling down day by day. Let time pass by. Today's update: another page of a photo and a few lines. Inspite of its title, you can see no water today. Thanks for your visit to Waterside 4.

Friday 24/10/2003

輝かしい秋の日に、雨の降りしきる日が混じる。生きていく日々にはいつも驚きがあふれている。良いこと悪いこと、嬉しいこと悲しいこと、心躍ること胸ふさぐこと。何もかもひっくるめて時は過ぎてゆく。いや、時は回るのだろうか。時の経過をどう表せばよいものやら。出会い、またすれ違い、人生は続く。だからどうということではないのだけれど。今再び四半世紀を超える愛読書に立ち返っている。本日の更新は、『ユリシーズ』の短評を『翻訳読書ノート』に。それから写真と数行の、水辺 3を追加です。風に乗り声よどこまでも届け。

Brilliant days with some rainy brakes. Life is always full of wonders: good and bad, happy and sad, exciting and depressing. With them all time goes on, or circles ("circles"? I really don't know how to express time passage yet). We meet and pass by. C'est la vie. So what? I'm enjoying my most favorite book again, which has been beside me for 28 years. Today's update: A very short review of translated Ulysses. (Sorry, in Japanese only.) Also another page of a few lines and a photo: Waterside 3. I wish my voice to go far in the wind.

Tuesday 21/10/2003

目まぐるしい日々にも一時の休息を。流れる水の音に耳を澄まし、戯れる光に目を細めれば、水と光は共に歌い出す。記憶は残る。本日の更新に写真と数行、水辺 2を再び。間もなく東京でも紅葉が始まる。この季節を締めくくるページェント。

During the hectic days, I would like to have a moment to stop. I listen to the sound of waters running, and look at the light bickering. They start singing together. Memories remain. Today's update is another page of a few lines and a photo: Waterside 2. Leaves will turning red and yellow very soon even in Tokyo. The last pageant in this season.

Monday 20/10/2003

冬が来る前の一瞬の季節を詩の形にもならない数行のことばに託して。感傷とお笑い下さい。好きなときに好きなことを綴れる幸いに感謝。本日の更新は水辺 1です。どうぞよい日々を。

Just a few lines to remember the scenes of a season right before winter comes. Not even a poem of any kind. Laugh at my sentiment, please. I'm happy to be able to write when and what I want to. Today's update: Today's update: Waterside 1. May you have beautiful days.

Wednesday 8/10/2003


Right after I posted the photo pages of Kikuzaka in Honogo, I recieved a mail from one of my old fiends who once lived in that area. She told me amazing stories of the town. I hope our talk online will continue. Walking in Tokyo started when I was looking for the way out of illness; in fact walking, a slow and quiet sport I can do on my own, has enlivened me a lot. From walking to writing, I would like to take steps. I cannot go very far but I'm happy to find wonderful trails in the areas where I live and work. Shall I call it "a walking therapy"? It is good not only for body but also for mind. While walking, I watch, think, and feel, and remember. Memories give me the power for the future as well. The walking rhythm makes me feel I'm alive. My imagination goes far beyond the barriers of space and time. Let me keep the freedom of my spirit all the time. Today's update is another photo page of Walking in Town: "Koishikawa Korakuen, A Quiet Pocket in Town." Autumn is really a good season for walking.

Wednesday 1/10/2003


Autumn has come rapidly. It's October already! Beautiful days with the clear sky and the bright sun continue. As if it's the compensation for the damp summer, the dry cool air invites us to go outdoors. Only my heart sores up. Today's update: the cover page with two photos combined: Hongo-kan, an old wooden three-story lodging house in Hongo, and Tokyo-Dome Hotel viewed from Iki-zaka, both in Bunkyo, TOKYO. Old and new buildings coexixt here in this town. I wish you joyful days in the wonderful season. Thanks for your visit!

Tuesday 9/23, 2003


As if having waited for the autumnal equinox, temperature in Kanto Area has drastically dropped. After visiting the family grave in Takao, I seem to have caught cold. It's chilly, really. Today's update is an independent photo page. Please enjoy the changing forms of clouds in an autumn day. They change like human mind and life quite naturally. There is nothing deplorable. Just wait for the wind to blow. Atishoo!

Saturday 9/20, 2003

秋の彼岸がくるというのに東京の此の暑さ。真夏以上だ。図書館で借りた小説を車中で読了。このところ朝が早いので一日中眠い。明日あたりお墓参りしてこよう。本日の更新は、「東京散歩」中、先日アップした「本郷菊坂路地めぐり 2 坂の街」の改訂少々です。友人たちの助力を得て、不備な点を埋めたり数枚写真を追加したり。啄木の「喜ノ床跡」も加わった。「東京散歩」目次筆頭へどうぞ。季節の変わり目、皆々様どうぞご自愛下さい。

The autumnal equinox is coming: yet, it's persistently hot in Tokyo. Hotter than in summer. I've finished reading a novel I had checked out from a local library on the commuting train. Being an early riser recently, I'm sleepy all day long. Today's update: Kikuzaka, Hongo 2; An Amazing Maze "Towns of Slopes" revised. Thanks to the information from friedns, I modified some notes and added a few more photos. Thank you for visiting the page from Waling in Tokyo. Take care of yourself at the turning point of seasons, everyone!

Saturday 9/13, 2003

この前まで知らなかったことが少し分かった。本を読み、歩き、考え、語り、観察し、かつ感じることによって。さても言葉を通しての、また通さないコミュニケーションというものに恩恵を受けること多々。本日の更新は「本郷菊坂路地めぐり 2 坂の街」です。写真ページ「東京散歩」目次筆頭へどうぞ。前回掲載のものは再構成して「本郷菊坂路地めぐり 1 市井」といたしました。後日修正が入るかもしれませんが、ひとまずのところをよろしければどうぞご覧ください。

I know a little about what I didn't know before after reading some books, walking, thinking, talking, watching, and feeling. Well, communication through/without language gives me a lot. I'm grateful. Today's update: Kikuzaka, Hongo 2; An Amazing Maze "Towns of Slopes" at the latest entry in Waling in Tokyo. I revised the first one as Kikuzaka, Hongo; An Amazing Maze 1 "A Well in Town".

Friday 9/12, 2003


The moon was so large and slightly dim. Watching the moon, I went home on the bicycle. During the daytime I sitll could hardly walk without a parasol. We're running through seasons. Today's update: a small change on the cover page.

Sunday 9/7, 2003


We have sunny days in September now in Kanto District. What an irony! Although the schedule is tight again, I cannot help wandering in towns. I'm just charging energy for the new season. I made a time travel back to a century ago. Today's update: "Kikuzaka, Hongo; An Amazing Maze" at the latest entry in Waling in Tokyo. It was a way back to the text of literature, surely.

Wednesday 9/3, 2003


一つ記載を訂正させてください。Thursday 8/14, 2003 (【更新短信】 4)で引用したマザーグースの一句「あめあめふれふれ おとといおいいで」は「あめあめやめやめ おとといおいで」(谷川俊太郎訳)の誤りでした。ごめんなさい。ご指摘いただきまして、どうもありがとうございます。午後の図書館で書架の谷間に、一人恥じ入っておりました。古い本の匂いが文学へと再び私を誘います。本日も夕刻に雷雨。既に秋雨へ移りゆくのでしょうか。

"How did you enjoy your holidays?" "Did you go anywhere?" Colleagues exchange usual words for grretings at the beginning of the new season. "Well, just hanging around" is a very convenient expression. Some (male) students appeared with their hair long and colorful so that I could hardly recognize them.

Correction: I misinterpreted a phrase from Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes in the Latest Notes 4 on August 14. (Thanks for pointing it out!) I was ashamed of myself in a valley of bookshelves in an old library this afternoon. Oh, the smell of books calls me back to literature. It rained again with thunders. Is it the autumn rain?

Monday 9/1, 2003


Fall classes start. It was my first teaching day at Mukogaoka in Bunkyo, TOKYO. Studetns were not very active as I had expected. I chose "Rainy Days and Mondays" of Carpenters for our "Warm-Up Music and Lyrics" of the day. Un/fortunately it fitted the class so well. Time to get awake! Today's update: the cover photo, which I took on my way to work in the underground passage in Ikebukuro; and this page renewed with pink bush clover blooming already in my neighborhood. Plants tell us the time passage. Let us have fruitful autumn, friends. Thanks for your visit.

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