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Thursday 9/5, 2002


We've just come back from a journey to Trinity, Canada. My family went all the way to the far east of North America. In Newfoundland Island, we found the grand natural environment, interesting history, and charming people. It really has become an epochmaking experience for us all. I'm planning to upload photos and essays on the journey very soon. Today's update: the photo of the top page; Trinity Bay viewed from the top of Signal Hill, Newfoundland Island. CANADA.

Monday 8/26, 2002


Traveling. Today's update: "Stillness" in Drifting Words of Short Poems.

Friday 8/23, 2002


Summer is falling down. I'm planning to upload my short poems again, irregularly this time. The length will vary. I'll write freely of boundless themes. Very rough. No refinement. An experiment of wrods. Both in English and Japanese. Thus, today's update is "Flaming Up" in Drifting Words of Short Poems.

Thursday 8/15, 2002


It was summer in 1997 when I first thought of building my own website. Staying in Curry School of Ecudation at University of Virginia, I learned basic ideas of html. It opened a door to the syberspace for me. I landed on the journey. With a lot of coufusion and mistakes, I made my own way in the unknown world. I've met wonderful friends there; some taught me severe lessons in what I should and should not do in online communication, and others inspired me where I should go. Through vaious interaction with them, I've come to know that cyberspace exists. A humble discovery of mine during these years is that we human beings can touch each other through words in cyberspace. It is, therefore, important to remember that we must respect each other if we never meet in our daily life for ever. Today's update: "A Special Thanks to 20,000 Visitors."

Sunday 8/4, 2002

気温が上がりきったところで、突然の雨と雷。夕立が町の熱を冷やす。雨の匂いが空気に満ちる。漸く学期末試験やレポートの採点を終え、少しホッとする。長い一学期だった。何ヶ月も病気と共存して。もはや私の一部となった。上手にではないけれど、折り合うことも覚え。驚いたことに、小休止がもらえそう。夏には時がどれほど早く過ぎゆくか知っているけれど、有り難く頂戴しよう。さて何が出来るだろう。特に何が出来なくとも、私にとっては喜びでありしあわせだ。本日の更新は、『情景描写』中、「忍耐と寛容」(6) 祭、です。日本語版のみ。

We are at the top of heat, when rain and thunders come suddenly. The afternoon showers cool the town. The smell of rain prevails in the air. Having finished the marking of tests and term papers, I am feeling a little at ease. It really was a long semester. I've been living with my illness for months. It's part of me. I've learned to get along with it, if not very well all the time. To my surprise, it seems to give me a pause. I know how fast time passes in summer but I appreciate it all the same. What can I do? Nothing particular. That's the joy and happiness for me. Today's update: a new essay entitled "Patience and Tolerance (6) A Festival" in Views In and Out in its Japanese version only.

Wednesday 8/1, 2002


On the first day of this month, I feel like writing the phrase "Light in August" remembering Faulkner. It is extremely hot every day. The town in quiet during the daytime. I stay home most of the time. I still have a lot of work to do at the desk. The light is brilliant and the shade is dark. I like the contrast. Summer has its magic as usual. I wonder what will happen next. Take it easy whatever it may be. No more disturbances so far. Today's update:"Walking in Tokyo" again. "A Town Along Rivers/ Tsukishima at Midday in Midsummer. I do love walking in town even in summer, aha!

Thursday 7/25, 2002


I've come to the end of the first semester of 2002 academic year. It was a long way particularly because of my health conditions. For a while I'm relaxing in a peaceful period. Thanks! Today's update is in the page of "Walking in Tokyo": an introduction of a shop of "aromatherapy and relaxation", Cuore in Hongo, TOKYO. I sometimes drop in the small and cosy shop on my way back from work. The smiling owner of the shop gives me a lot of relaxation and quiet energy. She let me take photos inside the shop. She is challenging her own hand-made website. Looking forward to making a link to her "home" very soon.

Friday 7/14, 2002

長らくのご無沙汰ご勘弁。どうしているのと尋ねてくれる友あり。何故かこのところウェッブページに書く気力が起こらなかった。オンラインコミュニケーションへの信頼が失せたのではなく、書くこと自体が困難だった。短いエッセイやジャーナリスティックなもの以外読書もあまりしていない。目が問題なのだ。直ぐに疲れてしまう。集中力が持続しない。余り体調は良くない。しかし、心の底ではいつも自分のウェッブページに書きに来たいと思っている。ここでは好きなことを好きなだけ書けるから。与えられたチャンスに深く感謝している。黙って読んでくださる方にも感謝。メールはいつでも大歓迎。決まった仕事を除いて外出は滅多にしないけれど、メッセージならいつでも受け取れますので。ありがとう!本日の更新は『情景描写』中、「忍耐と寛容」(5) 会話、です。日本語版のみなれど。

Sorry for my long silence. Some of my friends made contact with me to ask how I have been doing. Somehow I did not have the energy to write on the Web. It was not because I lost my trust to the online communication but because I have some difficulty in writing. I have not done much reading recently except for brief essays and journals. My eyes are big problems. I get tired very soon. My concentation would not last long. I seem to be not well. However, at the bottom of my heart I was always willing to come back to my webpage. This is where I am free to write as much as I like. I appreicate the chance given to me greatly. I also appreciate those who silently read what I write here. E-mail is always welcome. I seldom go out but I can receive your message. Thanks! Today's update: a new essay entitled "Patience and Tolerance (5) Conversations" in Views In and Out in its Japanese version.

Friday 7/5, 2002


June has turned into July before I notice it! We are still in the middest of the rainy season. It is very hot and humid every day. In a corner of an Asian country, it's our destiny to endure this humidity. My health problem does not bother me so much as it used to. I've used to it. Illness has been a part of myself. I care but won't be too much conscious about it. I enjoy wearing different bandannas day by day. One of my students suggested me to choose an ethnic pattern and to wear it loosely as youg people. I said I will and bought two nice Indian cotton ones today, I am gaining the magic of "glad game" like Pollyanna-cow-girl. Today's update: the cover image. I made it with Fireworks, a collage of flying gulls bound for the infinite space.

Sunday 6/23, 2002

梅雨の真ん中。紫陽花満開。紫、青、ピンク、白、そして名付け得ぬ斑色。この花は雨に打たれるとき最も精彩を放つ。あめあめ、ふれふれ。過去十日ほど、この度病んで以来最も不快な日々を過ごした。けれども、徐々に回復しつつある。人はどのような「新しい状況」にも適応できるものらしい。生き延びる術を獲得する。本日の更新は『情景描写』中、「忍耐と寛容」(4) 買い物、です。患者としての経験を綴るシリーズも第四回目。未だ日本語版のみ。せめて近々、英語を書くパワーくらいは取り戻したい。ご高覧のほど。

We are in the middle of the rainy season. Hydrangea is in its full bloom. Violet, blue, pink, white, and the mixture with no names. The flowers look most vivid in rain. Rain, rain, keep falling! During the past ten days I went through one of the most uncomfortable period since the beginning of my present illness; however, I am feeling better little by little. We get used to the "new" situation of any kind where we are put in. We learn how to survive somehow. Today's update: an essay entitled "Patience and Tolerance (4)Shopping" in Views In and Out in its Japanese version. I hope to recover the power to write in English soon.

Friday 6/14, 2002


At today's World Cup game, Japan defeated Tunisia and will surely advancec to the second stage. Soccer fever is prevailing everywhere. Meanwhile, I have been in one of the worst conditions ever. If I am walking in a bottom of the vale, I won't stop walking. I will surely find the way to step into the open space someday. Never give up. Today's update: an essay entitled "Patience and Tolerance (3)Every Moment" in Views In and Out in its Japanese version. I am still helpless for writing in English to my dismay.

Monday 6/3, 2002


The world has been excited with "The World Cup 2002." My 14-year-old daughter is not an exception. She watches TV every day. Although she adores some of the star players, her interst is not restricted to them but is rather in the dynamism of the sport. She has been greatly influenced by comic books of/for boys about soccer. She learned the rules from them and tell me the points well. The heat of the room virtually rose after the exciting game between Italy and Ecuador which we saw right now. While watching soccer games, we forget about the problems of the world. In poor spirit as I am, I can hardly ignore the international games because my students inform me of the games a lot every week. My daughter tells me to calm down. Today's update: "Patience and Tolerance (2) Blue-white Flashes" in Views In and Out. Sorry, it's only in Japanese again.

Saturday 6/1, 2002


June, another beautiful season. I like rain. Rain covers pain. Life continues rain or shine. Good! Today's update: the photo on the top page, a back street in Hongo with the deep shade of an old camphor tree. Even utility poles make the scene of a town alive.

Saturday 5/18, 2002


Earlier than usual the rainy season seeems to have started. It's not uncomfortably humid yet, but quite cool for May. I've been wandering on the Web recently away from my homepage. It's nice to be home again. In a "get-well-soon" card I received yesterday, a short nice message was printed: "Things are much nicer when you're around." I simply felt happy. Words are my treasure. Today's update: "Views In and Out" after a long pause. Only the Japanese version is ready now. As for the English one, please wait for a while. It will be a series of the report concerning my experience as a patient. Today's article is entitled "Patience and Tolerance (1) Under the Mask."

Friday 5/10, 2002

誰に向かって書いているのやら。答えは風に吹かれているばかり〜。「どうして病気になったのでしょう。」とドクターに尋ねても同じ。答えはどこにもありゃしない。まあよいでしょう。そのまま受け入れるしかないのでしょう。『日本人の患者』(The English Patientのもじり!)という新しい物語はもう始まっている。おそらくそのうち、私は自分の患者としての経験や観察を書かずにいられなくなる。もっともそれは今までになく辛い作業になるだろうが。(いえいえ、案外気楽に書くかもしれません。)ただいま構想中。本日の更新は、リンクページを少し。ウェッブ友達はみなさん勤勉。サイトはどんどん進化する。学ぶことが多い。

To whom am I writing? The answer is blowing in the wind. "Why have I got the illness?" I asked the doctor. The same answer, no answer. All right. I'll take it as it is. A Japanese Patience, a new story has started. Perhaps I won't be able to prevent me from writing about my experience and observations as a patient before long although it will be a very painful process and a new procedure for me. I'm thinking of the construction. Today's small update is the link page; my web-mates are all diligent. They are improving their sites all the time. There's a lot to learn from them.

Monday 5/6, 2002


"The Golden Week Holidays" have been already over. What have I done? Hospitals, reunions of family and relatives, telephone calls, e-mails, web-surfing, cleaning dead corners in the house, and taking walks in my neighborhood. Time passes swiftly! Today's update: "Under the Bridge"--Walking up along the riverside; in the page of Walking in Tokyo." Unfortunately the photos were taken in a cloudy day; therefore, words are also groomy. Please be torelent with me, visitors! Words (beside the photos) are increasing recently. After a certain period of "fermentation" of my experiences, perhaps I would start writing again.

Wednesday 5/1, 2002


It's May Day and my sisiter's birthday. She was named after the laaborers' holiday, with a Chinese character meaning "working" in her first name. Yesterday was a hard and long day for me. I went through several kinds of physical checkups in the hospital in Tsukiji again. I was troubled with pains; however, I recovered soon and went out into the town to reward my labour. I took photos of the lively marketplace. It seems I cannot be defeated so easily by physical pains. My spirit helps me survive. Thanks! Therefore, today's update: "An Asian Marketplace in Tsukiji" in the page of "Walking in Tokyo."

Monday 4/29, 2002


The image of "My Profile" I mentioned below was, according to a person who knows very well about me, completely different from the reality. Oh, well, well, I know. Let me show you another aspect of me, then, by the "roll over" images. I've uploaded the images one of my students drew in class under my daughter's. Please take whichever you prefer! It was a beautiful day today. I took a long walk to Lake Sayama The flowery season has turned into the one of greenery. The world is full of light and shade.

Sunday 4/28, 2002


"The Golden Week" holidays have started. In spite of my poor health, the world is going on. We have several visitors from morning today. I talked so much. A good relief. One of my new students sent me a shot mail from a cell-phone. He is departing for his first trip on his own. Go for it, young man! Today's update: My Personal Profile. Now I made a Japanese version of it with a new portrait illustration provided my daughter. (The person in the picture looks slim and young. Her ideal mother is there. Alas!)

Saturday 4/20, 2002


I started my classes two weeks later than other teachers. Students (both boys and girls) are all unique and attractive. One of them said, on our first meeting, "I wish you would slim down a little more!" Thanks for the reasonable advice! Regardless of the length of time and experience, I feel a sort of "flight" right before I go into classrooms. It's the moment I like and hate at the same time. BTW,I haven't done with hospital matters; on the contrary, I've been into the second stage. I feel I belong to Tsukiji now. In my spare time, I walked up and down streets in the Ginza. Today's update is a new page entitled "an afternoon in the Ginza," a photo page in Walking in Tokyo.

Sunday 4/14, 2002


While I was away from "the world," I've received various messages from friends and colleagues (mostly by e-mail and sometimes by phone). How I appreciate their friendship and consideration! I believe some of them have been checking this homepage. When I updated it after 10 days' absence from the Net, I've started receiving more messages, Thanks! I know what I write has been quite dreary for a long time since last year. I was down in a valley. I don't know what will become of my heart from now on; however, I am quite calm now wherever I am. Thanks again to all those who remember me. Today's update: The Latest Notes. My daughter offered me a new background graphic file entitled "awa" (bubbles).

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