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Monday 12/23, 2002

年末のめまぐるしい日々を過ごしていて、誕生日以来このサイトは静止していた。「何という一年だったでしょう」と私は旧友の一人に書き送ったが、もはやその返事を貰うことはない。彼女は住所のない場所へ行ってしまった。本日の更新は亡き友人を偲んで、「お別れの会」で読んだ追悼文「手紙 Akikoさんへ」を『記憶』に掲載しました。短詩ページから開いていただけます。

Since my birthday, this page stayed still. I was spending hectic days at the end of a year. "What a year!" I said in my letter to an old friend of mine. However, the friend won't answer me anymore. She has gone to somewhere there is no address. Today's update: a page dedicated to the memory of my friend who passed away recently: "a letter to Akiko"(which I read at her funeral) in Memory at the head of Poems.

Friday 12/6, 2002


A friend of mine passed away. I've been at a loss. Her friends and colleagues with her family are planning to hold a farewell meeting for her in a chapel of the college she worked for almost for 25 years. What shall I talk? No words can tell how she lived. She was exactly 50. So am I. Yes, today is my 50th birthday. She has gone and I'm still alive. What's the difference? No tears for now. Maybe Akiko will always be with us. I'll learn to live with her spirit in silence. Today's update is the cover page photograph. A view in Toronto with a pair of stars.

Friday 11/22, 2002


After a long pause, I opened BBS again. Please leave your message. Looking forward to hearing from you. With best wishes, from Keiko. This is today's update. Please find a link on the front page. Please enjoy the photo of ginko trees turning into golden yellow above.

Sunday 11/10, 2002

めぐる季節の中で、立ち止まって考えたり感じたり。ありのままに受け入れよう。秋は冬へと移っていく。静けさの中に喜びがある。ところで、数日前ロサンジェルスの人からメールが来ていることに気付いた。何と、「もんじゃ通り」について調べていたらたまたま私のサイトに行き当たったという。どうやら「東京散歩」の中の一ページがお役に立った模様。とても感じの良い文面に心なごむ。オンラインではいろいろな人に出会うものだ。本日の更新はカナダ写真紀行中、「ボナヴィスタ2 帆船マシューと海」A Journey to Newfoundland, CANADA からどうぞ。「旅はまだ終わらない〜」と思う間もなくそろそろ終点に近いようです。

In the passage of time, I stop to think and feel. I take everything as it is. The autumn is turning into winter. The joy in quietness. A few days ago I received a mail from a person in Los Angeles. He says he happend to find my website while he was searching some information about "Monja Dori" in Tokyo. One of my photo pages in "Walking in Tokyo" seemed to be useful to him. His friendly message made me very happy. What an encounter online! Today's update: "Bonavista 2, Matthew and the Sea," a part of A Journey to Newfoundland, CANADA. Please check it! "Our journey" is coming to the climax.

Monday 11/4, 2002

既に霜月。日々寒さがつのる。入試の季節も始まった。高校生達の面接。若者と語り合うことはなかなか新鮮。一人の少女曰く、五才の頃からダンスのレッスンを始め、大阪の実家を離れて寮生活すること数年。歌って踊るプロだという。才気煥発で野心的。ショウビジネスの世界で活躍できますようにと祈る。私的には、昨夜ささやかな翻訳仕事の一部を仕上げた。夫との共同作業。長いこと読み書きする仕事を離れていたけれど、漸く自分の畑に帰ってこられそうだ。有り難い。本日の更新は先ず表紙ページの写真。それからカナダ写真紀行中、「ボナヴィスタ1 灯台へ」A Journey to Newfoundland, CANADA からどうぞ。 海と空との冷たい蒼色は息を飲むばかりでした。

It's November already. The air is getting colder and colder day by day. The season of entrance exams has started. Interviews with highschools students. Refreshing to talk to young people. A girl introduced herself as a professional singer. Wow, she started taking dance lessons when she was 5 years old. She has been away from home in Osaka. Very talented and ambitious. I hope she will be successful in show biz. Last night I finished a part of the private translation work; a collaboration with my husband. After a long leave from reading/writing activities, I'm getting back to my filed. Thanks! Today's update: the cover page photo and a page of "Bonavista 1, To the Lighthouse," a part of A Journey to Newfoundland, CANADA. The cold blue of the sea and the sky was breathtaking.

Friday 10/25, 2002

冬が来る前に「ニューファンドランド写真紀行」を完成したいと思う。画像ファイルをいじることで、エッセイも詩も書かないことの言い訳をしているようだが。これまでに一体いくのファイルを加工してきたことか!自分の書くことばに傷つくこともある。暫くことばを離れていたい気分でいた。「もうすぐまた書き始めるのよ」と独り言を言いながら。それまでもう少しの間、写真をどうぞ。本日の更新は、「トリニティー7 地上にて 2」です。また、「トリニティー7 地上にて 1」にもほんの少し手を入れました。いずれもカナダ写真紀行表紙ページA Journey to Newfoundland, CANADA からどうぞ。

I wish I will be able to complete the photo journal of our journey to Newfoundland before winter comes. I make an excuse of not writing any essays/poems recently by working with image files. How many of them have I made so far? Words of my own sometimes hurt me. I feel like getting away from them for a while. "I'm coming back to writing very soon," I say to myself. I know I won't give it up. Naturally words will flow out of me hopefully. Until then, let me continue the present work with photos. Today's update: Photos in Trinity 7. On the Land 2 with a small change in Trinity 7. On the Land 1. Please enter the pages from A Journey to Newfoundland, CANADA

Wednesday 10/23, 2002

本格的に涼しくなり始めた。夏は記憶の底に。秋が深まる。葉擦れの音で頭を上げる。そうそう、歩いている時には上を、遠くを見た方がいい。下を向いて歩いていると、前が見えなくなる。よーし。何があってもなくても、そうやって進んだ方が良さそうだ。とにかく人生は生きるに値するものでしょう。(ん?)本日の更新:は「トリニティー7 地上にて 1」です。鯨を追いかけて海に出たあと、今度は丘を登り森に分け入った。トリニティー近郊のもう一つの相貌を見る。また、「トリニティー2 湾と丘の村」の写真数枚を入れ替え、少々整理し直しました。いずれもカナダ写真紀行表紙ページA Journey to Newfoundland, CANADA からどうぞ。

It is getting cool eventually. Summer is in memory. Fall is deepening. Rustling of leaves makes me look up. Yes, it's better to look up and far while walking. Looking down, nothing will open in front. Good. That's the way we go no matter what may happen or not. Life is worth living anyway. Today's update: Photos in Trinity 7. On the Land 1. After the sailing for whales, we went up the hills and into woods. Another aspect of the area. A small cange in Trinity 2. A Village of the Bay and Hills as well. Please enter the pages from A Journey to Newfoundland, CANADA

Monday 10/21, 2002

個体間の「同期化(シンクロ)」は制御できるものではない。意識下の感覚が作用する。何かが勝手に動くようだ。こちらはその動きに従うだけ。愛だとか憎しみだとか、喜び悲しみといった感覚は、分離独立した感情なのだろうか。「名前」は大した意味を持たない。存在全体が作用を及ぼし合う。沈黙乃至静寂が最も雄弁であることは間々ある。感ずるこころ、開いたこころが鍵らしい。シンクロする瞬間を掴もう。本日の更新はトリニティー6「海へ」その2です。トリニティー湾での鯨との希有な遭遇の経験。まさに八月の鯨。カナダ写真紀行表紙ページA Journey to Newfoundland, CANADA からどうぞ。

Synchronization between bodies is beyond our controle. Our subconscious feeling works. Something moves on its own accord. We just follow the movement. Are feeling such as love, hatred, joy, sorrow, and so on separate individul emotions? "Names" doesn't express much. Our existence as a whole works on others. In silence is the strongest expression very often. Feeling heart and open mind may be the keys. Catch the moment of synchronization. Today's update: the second page of "Whale-Contact" in Trinity. A redord of our precious experience to encounter with a whale in Trinity Bay in August. Please enter the page from Trinity 6 "On the Sea -2-" in A Journey to Newfoundland, CANADA

Sunday 10/20, 2002

いわゆる「夢」と「悪夢」の違いは何だろう。幼かった頃、くり返し同じ悪夢を見た。特に熱がある時、その悪夢は執拗に追いかけてきた。今でも恐怖を覚えている。思春期には白昼夢ばかり見ていた。青春時代にもまだ夢を見ていた。すっかり大人になったらもっと分別を持たなくてはならないのに、どうも怪しい。夢も悪夢も非現実的というところでは同じ。でも夢のない暮らしは耐え難い。夢見る力が助けてくれる。目覚めて現実の有り難みを知るという意味では悪夢にも助けられる。闇は長くとも、陽光の中にいては分からないことをたくさん教えてくれるものらしい。本日の更新はトリニティーで、鯨に会いに行った時の写真ページその1です。またしてもカナダの写真紀行。トリニティー6 "On the Sea-1"。トリニティー湾の紺碧をお楽しみ下さい。A Journey to Newfoundland, CANADA からどうぞ。

What is the difference between a dream and a nightmare? When I was a little child I had the same nightmare repeatedly. Especially when I had fever, the nightmare was persistent. I still remember the horror. In adolescence, I was always daydreaming. In my youth, I was still dreaming. Now that I am an adult, I should know better. A dream and a nightmare; both of which are not reality. But the real life is hard to live without them. The power of dreaming help us. Even nightmares do in the sense that we can appreciate the reality after getting awake. Darkness is long but it tells us a lot which we can never know only in sunshine. Todayu's update: the first page of "Whale-Contact" in Trinity. Again a photo record of our journey to Canada. Please find the bluest blue in Trinity 6 "On the Sea -1-" in A Journey to Newfoundland, CANADA

Sunday 10/13, 2002

雨続きのあと奇跡のように晴天が訪れる。天気予報には予測出来ない変化を人は経験する。真に謙虚な精神だけが平和の価値を知るのだろう。競争と闘争ばかりの世の中に、謙虚でいることは本当に難しい。しかし、掛け値なく謙虚な人は打ち負かされることはないように思う。陽はまた昇る。秋の日の、乾いた涼しい風の心地よさ。本日の更新は写真ページ、トリニティー5です。この度のカナダ旅行の目的であるカンファレンスの様子を写したものです。 再びA Journey to Newfoundland, CANADAからどうぞ。

After continuous rain, sunny days come like a miracle. No weather forecast can tell what will become of us. Only the really humble mind can appreciate the peace. The difficulty of being humble in the world of competitions and struggles! I believe a true humble person would never be beaten. The sun will also rises. Thanks to the dry cool wind of autumn days. Today's update: Trinity 5, the shots of an international conference in A Journey to Newfoundland, CANADA.

Saturday 10/12, 2002

沈黙と静寂は現代生活における最も希な宝物なのかも知れない。無駄なことばの多すぎる人間としては、真の平安に憧れる。半世紀も生きてきてしまっては、そんな理想を獲得することは不可能なのだろうか。「獲得すること」と「近付くこと」はまた違う。努力はしよう。「始めるに遅すぎることなどない」とよく言う。それを信じて。楽天的なのが私の性質。あるがままに生きたい。本日の更新はカナダ・トリニティー村の写真ページ、新たにふたつ。トリニティー3と4(Trinity 3, 4)です。A Journey to Newfoundland, CANADAからどうぞ。

Silence and quietness are the rarest trearues in today's life, perhaps. As a person with too many unnecessary words, I wish for the true tranquility. After half a centry of my life, is it impossible to achieve the ideal? "To achieve" and "to approach" are different. Let me try anyway. They say "nothing is too late for starting." I believe in it. Being optimistic is one of my characteristics. Let me live as I am. Today's update: two more pages in A Journey to Newfoundland, CANADA. Shots in the village of Trinity and Village Inn (Trinity 3 and 4).

Wednesday 10/9, 2002

秋雨に濡れる日々。いつかまたきっと快晴の日も来るだろう。感受性と真心を失わず、忍耐を続けることで展開があると信じて。あるがままに。本日の更新はカナダ、トリニティーの写真ページへの次なる一ページ2. A Village of the Bay and Hills(「湾と丘に囲まれた村」)です。

Rainy days in fall continue. I believe sunny days will come again for sure. Patience with sensitivity and heart will bring us another day. Let it be, as they say. A small modification to the phoro page I made a few days before. Today's update: I added a next page, 2. A Village of the Bay and Hills to the photo pages of Canada and Trinity

Sunday 10/6, 2002


Very slowly I continue working with the photos of our journey to Canada. Today's update is the first page of Trinity, a small village with the population of 73 at present. When we visited there in August, it was already quite cool. I imagine it may be cold and all the maple trees are turning to the flaming red. The coolness does not mean the heat inside. It's still warm and even humid here in Tokyo today. What a difference! Yes, the difference is the allure anytime. Visit the photo pages of Canada and Trinity if you please.

Tuesday 10/1, 2002


Recently I learned "Grandfather's Clock" is a song composed by Henry Clay Work with lyrics by the same author. Because it's very popular again now, I have the chance to listen to the music and lyrics carefully quite often. I was attractedby the performance of the singer, Ken Hirai, since I saw a part of a documentary film in which he traveled to the States to find the origin of this song. I saw a scene where he was singing the song in a small church with an elderly choir. The song matched the group very much. An old, quiet, and somewhat lonely tune. I bought the CD in a shop close to Hongo 3-Chome subway station. Today's update is the collection of wall plates inside of the station which is renewed very recently. They show the scenes of Hongo in the past. It's aslo an old town. The collection of Canadian scenes are still in preparation. I am a slow worker these days.

Saturday 9/22, 2002


After a long pause, I've come back to my "Home." Here am I! To start with, I've been working with a photo journal of our journey to Newfoundland, Canada. At the beginning of the new semester, various requirements rush into my life and I do not have much time to record what I saw and did in Canada; however, once I started it, I found it very interesting. I am almost like resuming the journey all over again. Impressions and memories give me another chance to go there. Today's update: 1. Newfoundland, a photo journal of the journey in summer (only the first part: the rest is still in preparation); 2. a fresh page of "The Latest Notes" (here, this page). Thanks for not forgetting me and my site, My Friends!

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