築地 2023年 夏

TSUKIJI,Summer in 2023




Every summer I visit Tsukiji. After finishing my errand, I explored the town and along River Sumida, feeling not to return home immediately.

It was extremely hot in the middle of summer in Tsukiji. However, to feel the wind blowing from the river is refreshing. I always find something new in this town whenever I visit.

Tokyo Tower can be seen between skyscrapers.  It's great that the top of the tower can be seen a little higher than the towering apartment houses.

「かちどき 橋の資料館」の向こうにはかつて「築地市場」があった。市場の豊洲移転を受け、老朽化していた扇形の建物は壊され、順次全ての建物が一掃された。その跡地は目下新たな建築物の造成のために整地され、トラックやクレーンが出入りする。

Beyond "Kachidoki, the Bridge Museum," there used to be Tsukiji Fish and Vegetable Market. The market was transferred to Toyosu (2018);accordingly, all the buildings were removed. The site is now under construction for new buildings, with trucks and cranes busily coming in and going out. 


On a flat buoy is a crane. Construction materials seem to be transported from the riverside, too. The other side of the river looks like a breakwater.



When I come to Kachidoki Bridge, I feel the river is almost running into Tokyo Bay. I feel I’m close to the sea, just by looking at the glittering surface of the water. It’s only in a short distance to Tokyo Bay. It’s still difficult for me to go over it.


The surface of the river is moving. I can see it running. The River Sumida has become a large stream at the mouth of it. I never get satisfied by watching the water.


Time after time, I watch the cite of the old market. Beyond it can be seen buildings of Asahi News Paper Company and National Cancer Center. I wonder what kind of place the old market site will be.


A small white motorboat is running down the stream, leaving the wake. I can’t say I’ve seen the river enough until I see a boat come and go; that's to say, until I'm convinced that a river is a waterway.


Trucks are going in and out of the gate at Harumi Avenue. Feeling sorry for the security guards standing, I venture to take photos of the market remnant: there are no more buildings reminding us of the market.


It really was hot this afternoon. At lunch time, scarcely anybody could be seen in the construction site. A parasol for security guards was making a small patch of shade.


As it was extremely hot, I looked for a place to cool down, and came to Tsukiji Honganji Temple.


横文字を縦書きにしてTSUKIJI HONGANJI, BUDDHIST TEMPLEとは、なかなかスタイリッシュだ。海外からの観光客も多いので。

For tourists from abroad, the stylish vertical writing of the originally horizontal writing of the temple’s name is cool.


The large monastery of Tsukiji Honganji Temple in Indian style. It’s suitable for the landmark of this town. Believers or not, anybody is admitted to the inside of the monastery for prayer, thanks!


Meticulously refined design of the front hall of the monastery. Down lights and pillars are all genuinely creative.


In a corner of the garden is Tsumugi, a café restaurant of Tsukiji Honganji Temple. Its special service named “the 18 kinds of food for breakfast” is famous.


The engraving of a pillar. This monastery is a collaborative work of Ohtani Kouzui (one of the temple’s Hoshu and an eminent explorer, 1876-1948) and Itou Chuta (an architect, 1867-1954). It is really a unique architecture. It’s worth studying more about it.


獅子か麒麟か? A lion or a giraff?


Not a foo dog!


The plaque of an important national cultural asset.


Looked at the lion (?) from behind, the curled tip of the tail looks very charming!


2024 will mark the 850th anniversary of Shinran, the founding Buddhist priest


The Chinese characters engraved on the rock read “Shuu-sui-ichi-mi-jyou.” I wondered which way I should read the phrase; from left to right or the other way?
By all means, I was happy to meet the clean water under the harsh sunshine of summer.


Dripping water of the hand washing spot.


Lotus flowers were planted in vases placed beyond the hand washing place. Dragons illustrated on the pottery were unique.

公開されているお寺の本堂は有難い。暑い日中にちょっと休憩させてもらえるだけで助かる。都会のど真ん中にこんな場所があることをあらためて発見し、感謝の気持ちに満たされた。もちろんカフェで一息入れたことも大きいが、Buddhist Templeの名に恥じない大らかさに救われた。これまで素通りしていた築地本願寺に拝礼して、築地を後にした。


I’m really grateful to the temple open to the public. It’s a great help for people to drop in it just to take a short break on a day of smothering heat. I happened to find such a place in the middle of the big city and was comforted. Certanly the café was a nice place but I felt I was rescued by the temple, its tolerance true to its name. I prayed and left the temple, which I had ignored so far to my shame.



An Asian Marketplace in Tsukiji 30 April, 2002

A Town Along Rivers/ Tsukishima at Midday in Midsummer 1 August, 2002

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