To the Beach

August 20, 2012

半世紀を遥かに超える昔、初めて連れられていった海は荒波の寄せ返す恐ろしい浜辺たっだ。 久しぶりに海を見に行こうと思い立って出かけた浜辺を穏やかな波が洗っていた。 それが同じ辻堂海岸だったことに思いがけない偶然を感じながら、大海原を眺めていた。 時に牙を剥く海が、この日はとても静かだった。いつまで見ていても見飽きることがなく、 いつまで見ていても見足りることもない。はしゃぐ少女たちの一団が叫んだり踊ったり、 波と戯れるのを遠巻きにし、浮かぶサーファー達の動きを視界の端にとどめて、 ただぼーっとしていた。隣の江ノ島海岸にはもっと人がいたのだろうか。既に海水浴 シーズンを終えた浜にはくつろぐ人々が三々五々。海辺に立つと何か遠い記憶を揺さ ぶらる。再訪の叶った幸いに思いをいたしながらも。(English)

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Tsujido Beach

When I was an infant (maybe two or three years old) I was taken to a beach for the first time in my life. It was the sea with horrible waves splashing. A few days ago, we suddenly decided to go to a beach and finally came to the seaside with peaceful waves coming and going. I realized I was in the same beach, Tsujido Beach, after more than half a century. I kept watching the water feeling the mysterious coincidence. The sea sometimes gets furious and destructive. On that day it was so quiet. I could hardly feel satisfied nor get tired no matter how long I kept watching it. With a group of girls making merrily noise dancing and yelling, and surfers floating and standing on the waves in corners of my view, I was sitting on the sand absent- mindedly, just fascinated with the ocean in front of me. I guessed Enoshima Island and its beach next to Tsujido might be more crowded with visitors, but the beach we went was scarce with people now that the bathing season was gone. On the beach we're disturbed to remember old memories. It was a happy return to the beach.