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February 14, 2023


It's more enjoyable to give chocolate than to receive it. Chocolate is not (only) for St. Valentine's Day but in this season, my environment is noisy with the merrymaking of chocolate sales. Indeed, there used to be the days when I was thrilled choosing chocolate for someone special. Now I remember those who can never think of chocolate under wars, in the debris of earthquakes, shivering in extreme cold. I've heard children of the countries where cocoa beans are produced. (They are working harshly for the production.) Whereas, in the countries of food satiation, great amount of chocolate is sold and consumed in the name of love. I like eating chocolate, too. When the rich flavor filles me, I ask myself with whom I want to share this pleasure. Maybe, I might be criticized with mocking laughter, "Hypocrite!" I must be cynical a little because I can't give chocolate to anyone. I guess love is more often unreachable than attained. Love varies. Love is too heavy for chocolate to carry. But we wish our hear will reach someone via a flake of chocolate. We try to tell what we cannot express in words with the help of chocolate. Happy St. Valentine's Day to YOU!